Future Vision and Goal

Building a healthy and safe Shilin is a wish shared by all residents in the district.
Shilin residents have their own prospects and interpretation for “a healthy Shilin”. Through questionnaire surveys conducted with over 3000 residents and focus group interviews with 10 representative opinion leaders from communities, we outlined the residents’ prospects and expectations of a healthy city into four major aspects, which are described as follows:
Health and Vitality:
● Build a comprehensive medical care system, improve the insured rate of
national health insurance and reduce the average amount of patients nursed by a care worker to ensure the quality of health care.
● Improve traffic environment, reduce traffic accidents.
● Promote life education, increase resources for psychological and emotional support so as to reduce suicide population.
● Increase immunization rate for children, prevent infectious diseases and reduce disease incidence rate in Shilin district.
● Reinforce promotion and education effort so as to help residents form good living habits, quit smoking, balance diets and prevent diseases resulted from bad living habits, for instance, cardiovascular diseases and obesity.
● Establish large gymnasiums in Shilin district, open up campuses and build
more leisure venues for public use, so that residents in Shilin will have more space for leisure activities.
● Encourage all residents to build exercise habits, integrate more physical education courses in curriculums ,help students take interests in sports and encourage communities to organize sports activities such as Yuanji Dance or Taijiquan.
● Join Alliance for West Pacific Healthy Cities to share and exchange experiences with other cities
Leisure and Environment:
● Reconstruct Keelung River and Shuang River to provide Taipei citizens with access to clean and beautiful waters.
● Further develop forests, clean up riversides and construct facilities for water activities
● Reduce use of automobiles and scooters, encourage citizens to take mass transportation and reduce exhaust gas emissions
● Improve recycling rate and reduce the amount of trash with policies and promotion campaigns
● Adopt energy-saving equipments to reduce water and energy reward residents who consume green products and
encourage businesses to develop environmental-friendly products ● Organize package tours and work with travel agents to provide preferential prices in order to encourage tourism
● Develop Shilin’s tourism value in order attract more visitors
● Improve the environment of Shilin night market, reconstruct the shop street and ease the surrounding traffic in order to build a truly international tourist night market

Social Welfare and Safety:
● Bring the elderly outdoors and encourage them to participate in community activities in order to achieve mental and physical health. The elderly are only to be taken care of, but to deliver their own value.
● Establish community social network so the residents can help one another and build friendship
● Enhance the minority groups’ self-care ability and financial capacity. Other than receiving subsidies from the government, the minority groups shall develop skills and make breakthroughs in the underprivileged environment in order not to create the next underprivileged generation
● Provide sufficient employment information and professional training to lower unemployment rate and improve the quality of workforce
● Strengthen teacher-parent communications, monitor drop-out students, solve problems that contribute to school dropouts and reintegrate drop-out students into the education system
● Encourage residents to participate in volunteer work, provide proper education and training, allow s tudents to understand the virtue of service through school education and encourage students to engage in more volunteer service Education and Culture:
● Establish more facilities such as activity centers to provide residents with venues for activities and gatherings
● Promote virtues and manners and transform Shilin into a polite place
● Reinforce homeland education for Shilin residents to better understand the district and cultivate passion for their hometown
● Organize festivals specific to Shilin district, such as Water Channels Festival and Neighborhood Festival, so as to create a festive atmosphere in the district
● Provide quality reading environment and encourage parents to cultivate the reading habits of their children
● Organize diverse and local cultural activities so that residents can have more opportunities to participate in cultural events
● The government shall promote health education projects, formulate implementation guidelines for public organizations and evaluate the progress.