2012 Healthy City Achievements of Shilin District, Taipei City – Body Respiration in Vibrant Shinlin, Neighborly LOHAS for Experience of the Heart

In order to build Shilin into a healthy city, the Chong-De Culture & Education Foundation incorporated 24 courses on offer at the Shilin Community College, Taipei City, such as “Dance Vitality”, to organize the “Body Respiration in Vibrant Shilin, Neighborly LOHAS for Experience of the Heart” event promoting exercise-based weight loss and healthy city. Jointly participated by many private organizations, scholars and experts, including community residents, Shilin Health Center, Shilin Community College, Shilin Health Promotion Association, Professor Chien-ho Chen of the Graduate Institute of Tourism and Health Science, National Taipei College of Nursing, Professor Yu-kai Chang of the Graduate Institute of Coaching Science, National Taiwan Sport University, Dietitian Tzu-wen Hsia of Shin Kong Wu-Ho-Su Memorial Hospital, and Coach Han-yu You of Shilin Sports Center, the event resulted in a total weight loss of 135.2kg in 5 weeks. Results of the participant questionnaire revealed that citizens who joined the social group were highly satisfied and that there was also a significant improvement in exercise-based weight loss with respect to the social function of group participation.

Enhancing the Dynamic Living Environment of Shilin: Building the Rainbow Walking Trail of Huangxi River
Chiu-Yu Huang1, Hsu-Chih Tai 2
1:Shilin District Health Center, Taipei City
2: Department of Exercise and Health Promotion,
Chinese Culture University

I. Abstract introduction The program was launched to foster a healthy lifestyle among community residents and to aid the obesity prevention campaign of the government. The program promotes symbiosis with the surrounding ecology and aims to foster community resident participation and resolve a health problem due to lack of exercise space. It enables the development of a new environment and the construction of the Walking Trail of Huangxi River. The trail sports the first segmented paths and rainbow color coding, and with the aid of signs and posters showing exercise and food calorie tips, thus creating a health-fostering dialogue along the rainbow walking trail.

II. Purpose/Method 1. Purpose: To work together with schools, hospitals, and the community in building infrastructures for a dynamic living environment, and through the “fitness walking life circle” concept provide a supportive environment fostering a love for exercise and healthy diet. It also aims to increase the population of hikers and build Active Communities. 2. Method: The path consists of different path segments lined with their identifying lamp posts. Moreover, color-coded food calorie information stickers are designed. At the entrance of each segment, guide boards provide information on the “food calorie table” and the “calorie loss equivalent of the different type of walking” on that particular segment.

III. Results 1. This is the first waling trail in the nation designed with guides inspired by the seven types of “Diet vs. Exercise Counterpart Table”. The path sports six types of rainbow calorie tip stickers posted on the lamp posts. 2. The inter-agency obesity prevention campaign is a united administrative effort to implement a community “calorie intake and fat burning information guide” to guide the public into a smart diet selection and enjoyable exercise lifestyle. 3. Questionnaire survey results: Survey indicates that 96.6% of respondents deemed that the trail can “increase public inclination for fitness walking” and 96.6% deemed that it can “enhance the public’s awareness for exercise, diet, and obesity prevention”.

IV. Conclusion Construction of the rainbow walking trail promoting a “healthy life circle” takes the weight-watching issue into the community building program. 96% of the participating public is willing to invite friends to join them in exercising. The trail motivates the people to take the initiative in changing their lifestyle for a life of healthful habits.
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Activity update: 2011 Exhibition of Dynamic and Vibrant City of Shilin – Great Food and Entertainment
Date: November 17, Thursday, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon
Host & Venue : Shilin Assembly Center, Taipei City
Event is open to public.
Activity Information (Link):
The Shilin Health Promotion Association, the Shilin District Office, and the Shilin District Health Center are jointly hosting the 2011 Exhibition of Dynamic and Vibrant City of Shilin held at Shilin Assembly Center of Taipei City on November 17, Thursday, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.
The event exhibits the poster design entries of the various medical teams, community development associations, and community colleges of Shilin, the safe school body of the Shidong Elementary School, and the Zhishan LOHAS. Other event activities include booth fun contests (complimentary gift redemption), a violin concert, and other arts and cultural performances. We are extending our most cordial invitation to all members of the community.
The Taipei Shilin Healthy City of 2007 is now on its 4th year of official membership in the WHO Alliance for Healthy Cities. Shilin has continued to build a healthy city network founded on health and vitality, ecology and leisure recreation, social welfare and safety, and education and culture; the sectors have jointly organized a number of international cultural festivals, community leisure recreation and sports events, mountain hiking activities, CPR seminars for borough and neighborhood heads, “5 a Day” campaign and exercise program seminars, etc. This year, we have promoted the construction of the Huangxi walking trail, arranged for ecological tours and programs, and promoted safe homes and safe schools in the hope of enhancing the amenities of Shilin District and forging a healthy city sporting elegance, innovation, hope, safety and bliss.
In this annual healthy and sustainable city lifestyle exhibition, we hope to bring to the awareness of the general public the accomplishments that our efforts in promoting and realizing the Shilin healthy city project. In the future, we look forward to building up the seven major living circles of Shilin under the healthy city model; namely, the international village of Tianmu, the reconstructed island of Shezi, the improvement and development of the Shilin tourist night market peripheral zone, the Yangmingshan tourism industry, the Zhishanyan scenery and ecology, and the Shilin cultural relic sites. We hope to further promote community resources and foster social interaction and mutual support among community residents in the hope of awakening a sense of identity among the community residents. We also hope to motivate community resident interest and participation in healthy city work and in building an elegant and healthy lifestyle and environment for the district of Shilin, consequently, upgrading the quality of life in the homes and building a future of fine living.
“Walking for Fitness” is So Easy
101 City-wide Weight Loss Drive for Healthier Citizens
The Taipei City Department of Health launched a major health campaign this year; that is, the “101 City-wide Weight Loss Drive for Healthier Citizens”. The campaign calls for a massive city-wide participation. Participants registering before July 31 are eligible for the grand raffle draw of the program. Interested parties may contact the Health Department through http://101.health.gov.tw/

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